Monday, March 19, 2012

What A Great Conversation

What an amazing time we all had conversing with Wayne last Saturday.

The topic for the day was learning to live in the Fathers affection. Really knowing that we are loved by the Father and then out of that reality embracing daily life in the assurance that God (the Father, Son and Holy Spirit) is right there with you.

Wayne likened that process, to learning to fly a plane. You can have been in the classroom many years learning the theory, studying the planes design, looking at the weather maps etc etc, but until you get in the plane with an instructor, start the engine, taxi to the runway and take off you will never experience the thrill and reality of actually flying.

He also highlighted the fact that the flight instructor (The Holy Spirit) always responds to us when we ask for instructions and personally take full responsibility for the flight. The Holy Spirit is there ready and willing to teach and empower us when ever we ask Him to do so. However he will not manipulate, control or force  His will on us. God's goal is to get us to fly so that we can be set free to live our lives "in Him", not just in theory but in practice.

In a separate meeting, Wayne also gave us another flight analogy in relation to the way a large percentage of the institutional church operates in our day. It's like we think that we are flying when we board the biggest and best 747 in the fleet. We pay for the ride, a professional pilot fly's the plane, the crew looks after us and we are taken to the destination of our choice, unless we are hijacked along the way of course, which as we know happens all to frequently. If we don't like the  passengers, the destination or the plane, then we just jump on another one and pay another fare, anything that will make us happy and give us the illusion that we can fly. However, we never learn to really fly, we just think we know how. We then spend our lives needing "professionals" to do the real flying so that we can get from A to B, in the belief that we are making progress. How sad, but how true!!

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